The iGaming Wellbeing Platform

Boost employee health, wellbeing, and performance with your own fully branded wellbeing app that drives engagement and delivers measurable results.

• Designed for maximum participation
• Tailored to each employee
• Proven to deliver results
• Ready to launch in days

Elevate Performance

Increase productivity and resilience across the organisation by helping your team to prioritise their wellbeing.

Boost Mental Health

Create a healthier, happier, more engaged workforce through personalised support and resources.

Retain Talent

Reduce staff churn and improve employee loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to their wellbeing.

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Weekly Wellbeing Challenges

Fully personalised, gamified wellbeing, built for results and engagement.

Built for Maximum Participation

Leverage behavioural data for personalised interactions to keep people engaged and on-track with their wellbeing goals.

Designed for Measurable Results

Expert-led content covering nutrition, activity, sleep, resilience, and workplace performance to drive tangible improvements in employee health and productivity.

Equipped with Data-Driven Insight

Gain valuable insights, demonstrate ROI, and get the buy-in you need to scale your wellbeing initiatives.

How It Works

A habit challenge app that gets results.

Weekly Wellbeing Challenges

Each week, your team receives a new wellbeing challenge designed to build healthy habits in areas like nutrition, activity, sleep, and mental health. Challenges are personalised based on each employee's needs and goals.

Daily Check-Ins

Employees log their progress on the challenge daily, keeping them accountable and motivated. The app sends reminders and offers tips and resources to help them succeed.

Friendly Competition

Weekly leaderboards show how employees and teams are performing in the challenges, fostering a sense of community and healthy competition. Celebrate successes and keep everyone engaged.

Measurable Results

The app tracks key wellbeing metrics over time, so you can see the tangible improvements in employee health, happiness, and productivity.

Created by Someone Who Understands

As a former iGaming director, Leo experienced firsthand the impact the industry can have on health and performance. After successfully losing 35kg, he recognised the lack of solutions tailored to help with real, sustainable change.

Inspired to solve this problem, Leo used his years of CRM and platform experience to design the HabitRewire Challenges - a holistic wellbeing approach designed for engagement, insights, and measurable results that can be customised to fit the unique needs of your organisation.

Getting Started Is Easy

It only takes 3 simple steps to start transforming the wellbeing of your workforce.

Start a 28-day pilot

Start with 20 people on a 28-day pilot to experience the full power of our Wellbeing App and see the impact it can have on your organisation.

Experience the results

No marketing tricks or gimmicks. Hear and see the results from your own people and watch as they become healthier, happier, and more productive.

Get your business case

We help measure the team's wellbeing before and after the pilot so you have a clear ROI-driven business case to present to leadership and secure buy-in for a company-wide rollout.