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HabitRewire stands for a truly holistic approach tailored to iGaming leaders. The fast pace and high pressure of the idustry often means thereā€™s little time for your wellbeing. In many cases, it even means peopleā€™s wellbeing suffers.

But our wellbeing drives our performance. Thatā€™s why we help iGaming leaders build sustainable habits using scientifically proven methods to live, feel & perform better.

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After working in gaming for over a decade, Leo found himself at the height of his career, but at the bottom of his health. As a director, the pressure of his career led to unhealthy coping mechanisms and poor wellbeing habits. Knowing something had to change, he hired a coach, lost 35kg and turned his life & career around.

Inspired to help others in iGaming too, he became a certified nutritionist, PT, sleep coach & stress management specialist and has since privately coached over 200 iGaming leaders and helped 1,000s of iGaming employees improve their performance & wellbeing too.

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