Coaching for Career-Driven Parents

Excel at Work, Be Present at Home & Live a Life You Love

Work 1-to-1 with a coach who understands your life’s demands.
Achieve sustainable results in less than 20 minutes per day
Get the support to stay consistent no matter what
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Struggling To Balance Your Career and Personal Life?

When you’re in a high-pressure career, it can feel impossible to find time for yourself. Not without:
Compromising on your professional life
Spending even less time with your family
Giving up the last bit of social life you have left
The problem is, self-help books, podcasts and waking up earlier never last. You need a solution that sticks.
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Get Help From A Coach Who Knows What It’s Like

As a former director and new dad, I deeply understand your struggles. I was at the top of my career, but at the bottom of my health.

Until I got help.

I lost 35kg, performed better at work, and finally felt present with my kids.

Since then, I’ve become a certified nutritionist, sleep coach and stress-management specialist. I founded HabitRewire where I have privately coached over 200 high-performers just like you.

Introducing: The 4-Step ASAP Habit Rewire Process

Step 1: Assess

Clarify your goal and identify the keystone habits you need to rewire to achieve your goal

Step 2: Strategise

Break those habits down into daily actions you can practice in 20 minutes or less

Step 3: Act

Provide daily support and accountability to build each habit sustainably, one by one

Step 4: Progress

Track your progress, make adjustments, and celebrate your milestones

The Science Behind HabitRewire

At HabitRewire, we understand that knowing what to do isn't enough — it's making those actions a sustainable part of your life that leads to success. Our methodology is rooted in the latest cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, ensuring that you not only achieve your goals but maintain them over the long term.

Science-Proven Strategies

Our coaching program is built on proven behavioural change psychology principles. We help you create lasting changes that fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Expert Accountability

Our one-to-one coaching provides you with expert guidance and personalised accountability, helping you stay on track, no matter the challenges you face.

Designed for Busy Lives

Our strategies are optimised for efficiency. Expect significant improvements to your personal & professional life in less than 20 minutes per day.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here are a few of the 200 business leaders who’ve experienced incredible results.

Ready to Reclam Your Life?

Achieve better balance, improve your personal wellbeing and be more present at home without it affecting your careers. All in less than 20 minutes per day.

Optimise Your Sleep Workshop

On-demand Workshop
Science-backed strategies to fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed every morning
Step-by-step system to create the ideal sleep environment for deep, restorative sleep
Proven techniques to overcome insomnia and sleep restlessness without medication
Simple yet powerful habits to regulate your sleep-wake cycle for more energy all day
Expert guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors that impact sleep quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here? Send us an email at
What sets HabitRewire's method apart? Why work with us?
We help in the overlap of professional performance and personal wellbeing. Because one influences the other. All of our methods are based on behaviour change psychology, meaning we help you create sustainable habits that last. Everything is built around your lifestyle so it works no matter how crazy life gets.
How is coaching with Leo different from other coaches?
As a former director and father of 2 who struggled with his health and wellbeing for years, I understand the difficulties we all go through. I've come out of it fitter, healthier and more energetic. Now as a certified nutritionist, sleep coach, and stress-management specialist, I have learnt as much as I could to help you avoid the mistakes I have.
Do I need to prepare for my kick-off meeting?
All you do is fill in a quick form with questions about your goals, lifestyle and work environment, and we'll take everything from there. On the kick-off call, we'll go through (and adjust) your personalised plans to make sure you're 100% happy with where we're going.
How do I connect with my coach?
Where ever you want - WhatsApp, email, video calls, in-app messenger. After our first kick-off call we'll talk through what's easiest for you, and we'll use that as our form of communication.
When will my coach be available for check-ins and messaging?
Whenever you need. Responses might be a bit slower in the middle of the night though.
I'm busy! How much time will it take every day/week?
Less than 20 minutes a day. And if that's too much, we'll make it even smaller. Remember, everything is built around you.
How often will I be billed?
That depends on the package you choose. We have monthly, quarterly and half-yearly packages available to choose from.
Do you have any guarantees?
I stand by our service. So if you've followed our coaching advice, and you're not 100% happy with the result, I'll give you all your money back. No questions asked.