Turn Your iGaming Managers into High-Performance Leaders

Help your managers develop the skills, resilience, and strategies to lead high-performing teams, drive sustainable growth, and excel in the fast-paced iGaming industry.

Are Your Managers Struggling to Step Up?

In the fast-paced iGaming industry, we rapidly promote top performers, but often fail to equip them for leadership.

As a result, many new managers, heads, VPs and directors:

Cling to their old roles, unable to delegate effectively

Micromanage their teams, stifling innovation and growth

Struggle with strategic thinking, hindering company expansion

"Taking the first step with you was probably the best thing I've ever done. I went from stressed and unhappy to excelling in my career."

Kim Eaglestone

Head of UK Studio, Light & Wonder

The HabitRewire Coaching Model

Turn Managers into High-Performance Leaders

Increase Capacity

Boost energy levels and build resilience to thrive under pressure. Master recovery techniques for sustained peak performance.

Enhance Performance

Sharpen focus and master time management for maximum productivity. Develop strategies to balance short-term demands with long-term goals.

Develop Leadership

Empower teams through effective delegation and inspiring communication. Cultivate a high-performance culture that drives innovation and growth.

"I must say WOW! What a way to see things differently... How much time I have saved because of this investing in the areas that I needed more time in. I can't recommend Leo enough - Some mind-blowing theories which actually work, thank you"

Zoe Trinidad

Human Resource Director, BV Group

Private Coaching Built Around You

Expert Guidance Tailored to iGaming's Leadership Challenges

Receive personalised coaching from a former iGaming leader who understands your industry's unique pressures.

Through weekly video calls and a customised leadership development plan, you'll get the support and strategies to enhance your leadership skills, optimise your performance, and drive team success—all while navigating your demanding schedule.

Everything You Need, Right At Your Fingertips

Innovative Technology for High-Performance Habit Formation

The HabitRewire app empowers your leadership journey by tracking crucial metrics like sleep quality, stress levels, productivity, and team performance.

Access customised leadership development plans, industry-specific resources, and data-driven insights to seamlessly integrate high-performance habits into your daily routine.

Monitor your progress and see the direct impact of your improved leadership on your team's success.

Responsive Coaching for Real-Time Challenges

Leadership Support When You Need It Most

Navigate the complexities of iGaming leadership with confidence. Enjoy direct WhatsApp access to your coach for urgent leadership challenges and time-sensitive decisions.

Our proactive support system includes daily check-ins, leadership scenario planning, and personalised guidance to keep you accountable and advancing towards your leadership goals.

We're here to ensure you're always equipped to lead effectively, even in high-pressure situations.

What People Have To Say

Here are some of the stories from iGaming leaders we have worked with over the years.

"This is amazing! My utmost thank you and appreciation for all that you do, Leo! I encourage everyone to work with Leo. Leo definitely sets a great example of how much can be achieved with small steps and a sustainable approach."

Lavinia Popovici

Lead BI Product Manager, Entain

"This made a huge difference! I feel better at work, and eat better too. Sometimes you've got to try things consistently to get the benefit. It's more than tickboxing. It's actually creating change."

Christina Marie Giuffré

VP of Product, Lottoland

"I've changed, so so much in the past years. Definitely the sessions we've done were helping loads in my self development to a better me. Acknowledging who I am and really standing proud."

Alina Andrei

Head of PMO, Gaming Innovation Group

Our Approach

Designed For Results

Our coaching uses scientifically proven methods based on behaviour change psychology so you build habits that last. No matter how busy your life gets.


Gain deep insights into your current leadership effectiveness, team dynamics, and personal wellbeing through comprehensive evaluations and data-driven analytics.


Receive a customised roadmap that aligns your leadership goals with sustainable wellbeing practices, designed to drive both personal and team performance in the fast-paced iGaming environment.


Put your plan into action with hands-on support, integrating new leadership strategies and wellbeing habits into your daily routine, ensuring seamless adoption amid your demanding schedule.


Refine your leadership skills and wellbeing practices through targeted coaching, industry-specific scenarios, and peer learning, so they become second nature.


See measurable improvements in your leadership impact, team performance, and personal wellbeing, driving sustainable growth and preparing you for next-level success.

Someone Who Understands

Meet Your Coach:
Leo Judkins

Having worked in high-pressure iGaming leadership roles for 12 years, Leo understands the challenges iGaming leaders face in prioritising their wellbeing. After hitting rock bottom with his own health, Leo hired a coach, lost 35kg, and turned his life around.

Inspired to help others do the same, he resigned from his directorship and became a certified Nutritionist (PN), Sleep Coach (PN), Stress Management Specialist (PN) & Personal Trainer (ISSA).

He specialises in helping clients build sustainable habits tailored to their busy lifestyles, drawing from his 12+ years of iGaming leadership experience.

Leo has personally coached over 200 iGaming Leaders from companies like

One-to-one coaching designed for results

Pricing Options

Investing in high-performance leadership development that drives measurable business growth can drive significant improvements in productivity, engagement, and overall organisational success.

Individual Leader
For yourself or a single leader in your company
Weekly 1-to-1 Coaching Calls with a highly experienced performance coach with successful leadership track-record in iGaming
Unlimited private WhatsApp support and guidance in between coaching sessions.
Full access to the HabitRewire High-Performance App to track progress across sleep, stress, weight, energy, habits, nutrition, and more
Personalised habit development roadmap tailored using scientifically proven habit formation strategies for sustainable success
Daily accountability and support with regular check-ins and reminders
Flexible scheduling to accommodate demanding leadership schedules
Personal training plans (including videos) and nutrition plans (including recipes) if required
Advanced worksheets, tools, and resources curated for leaders and their teams
Get started
2-4 Leaders
(save 10%)
All the features of the Single Leader package, plus:
Fortnightly group coaching sessions to foster collaboration and peer learning
Complimentary quarterly workshops for the entire company (valued at £3,396/year)
Get started
5+ Leaders
(Save 20%)
All the features of the 2-4 Leaders package, plus:
Complimentary 100-seat access to our HabitRewire Challenge App (valued at £2,500/month for 100 seats)
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Real Stories From Real People


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our coaching services.

How does this coaching programme specifically benefit iGaming leaders?

Our programme is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by iGaming leaders. We focus on developing leadership skills, enhancing team performance, and maintaining personal wellbeing in the fast-paced, high-pressure iGaming environment.

Can you explain the link between leadership effectiveness and wellbeing?

Effective leadership in iGaming requires both high performance and sustainable wellbeing. Our programme helps leaders develop strategies to drive team success whilst maintaining their own health and work-life balance, resulting in improved decision-making, team motivation, and long-term organisational success.

How do you accommodate the busy diaries of iGaming executives?

Our programme is designed for busy leaders. We focus on high-impact, 15-20 minute daily habits and offer flexible scheduling for weekly 30-minute coaching calls. Our approach ensures meaningful progress without overwhelming your diary.

What specific leadership challenges in iGaming does your programme address?

We tackle challenges such as rapid team scaling, maintaining company culture during growth, balancing short-term targets with long-term strategy, and developing a strong leadership pipeline. Our programme equips you with practical strategies to navigate these complex issues.

How do you measure the ROI of this leadership development programme?

We establish clear, measurable goals at the outset and track progress throughout the programme. Metrics often include improvements in team performance, project deliveries, cost savings, leadership effectiveness scores, and personal wellbeing indicators. We provide regular reports to demonstrate tangible ROI.

How does this programme differ from traditional leadership training?

Unlike one-off training sessions, our programme offers ongoing, personalised support. We combine leadership development with wellbeing strategies, providing a holistic approach that's particularly effective in the high-stakes iGaming industry. Our focus is on sustainable behaviour change and lasting results.

Is this coaching confidential?

Absolutely. We understand the sensitive nature of leadership challenges in iGaming. All coaching sessions and information shared are kept strictly confidential, allowing you to openly discuss and work through your professional challenges.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.

Transform Your Managers into High-Performance Leaders

Unlock your full potential with our holistic coaching programme for iGaming Leaders.