Hi, I'm Leo Judkins.

As a past iGaming director with 12 years of experience in the industry, I know how difficult it is to find time for your wellbeing.

As a certified nutritionist, sleep coach, and stress-management specialist, I coach people to develop sustainable habits that have a massive impact on your wellbeing. In a way that fits your lifestyle, no matter how busy you are.

Since resigning from my directorship, I've privately coached over 200 iGaming leaders to live, feel, and perform better.

After 12 years in Gaming, I had hit rock bottom.

I found myself at the height of my career, but at the bottom of my health. Long days, constant pressure, and poor coping habits had taken their toll.

So, I sought help from a habit coach.

I lost 35kg and turned my life around. Inspired to help others in iGaming achieve the same, I became a coach and resigned from my directorship.

Since then, I've certified as a holistic wellbeing and performance coach


I specialise in helping you eat better and fuel your body through habits like eating intuitively, rather than diets or food restrictions.

Personal Trainer

Movement is a key component of health. That doesn't have to be fitness or cardio. We'll find activities you enjoy and do more of that.

Sleep Coach

Sleep is the foundation of your mental energy and performance. I help you build habits to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up refreshed.

Stress Specialist

Building habits to manage stress and build resilience is the key to dealing with pressure effectively and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

The companies I have coached people from

"This is amazing! My utmost thanks for all you do, Leo! I encourage everyone to work with Leo for weight loss, life balance, and mindset. Leo and the team provided amazing support, coaching, and motivation through my journey of breaking bad habits and achieving success with small, sustainable steps."

Lavina Popovici

Lead BI Product Manager, Entain

My mission is to help iGaming leaders thrive, in work and in life.

You can achieve so much in just 20 minutes per day. All you need is the right strategy and support to build the habits to thrive.

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