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Elevating Leadership, Wellbeing, and Performance in iGaming.

About Leo Judkins

As a former iGaming director turned wellbeing and performance coach, Leo Judkins brings a unique perspective to the intersection of high-performance leadership and personal wellbeing.

With over 12 years of experience in the iGaming industry and a powerful personal transformation story, Leo specialises in helping iGaming leaders develop the skills to drive high-performance teams while maintaining personal wellbeing.

Leo offers valuable insights on sustainable peak performance, stress management, and creating a culture of wellbeing in high-pressure environments.

Speaking Topics

Some of the topics Leo regularly speaks about:

The Wellbeing-Performance Connection

Explore the crucial link between employee wellbeing and organisational success in the fast-paced iGaming industry.

Sustainable Peak Performance in iGaming

Discover how to achieve and maintain high performance without sacrificing your health or work-life balance.

Leadership in iGaming: Balancing Performance and Wellbeing

Learn practical strategies to enhance leadership effectiveness, boost employee engagement, and achieve sustainable high performance without sacrificing personal or team health.

Building a High-Performance Culture  in Gaming

Practical strategies for fostering a workplace culture that prioritises both wellbeing and high performance.

Corporate Workshops and Webinars

Leo has extensive experience delivering impactful workshops and webinars to major players in the iGaming industry. His sessions combine industry-specific insights with practical wellbeing strategies, helping organisations foster a culture of high performance and employee wellbeing.

Delivered a comprehensive wellbeing workshop to 2,000 employees, focusing on strategies for maintaining peak performance in a high-pressure environment.

Conducted an interactive webinar for 200 team members, addressing the unique challenges of remote work and digital wellbeing in the iGaming sector.

Facilitated a tailored workshop for 90 employees, emphasising the integration of wellbeing practices into daily work routines for enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

Recent Media Appearances

In this podcast, we discuss the 4 key critical pillars to achieving peak performance in gaming

Leo Judkins talk about his brilliant new project aimed at those of us with sedentary jobs who want to make a change. We talk sleep coaching, habit changing, everything. It's a winner and it's a pleasure to talk to someone so devoted to making positive change in the world.

Lottoland has partnered with HabitRewire to provide its staff with a personalized wellbeing platform. The platform offers 24/7 access to resources for improving physical health, mental well-being, and workplace performance through weekly challenges. This collaboration aims to address the unique work-life balance challenges in the iGaming industry and foster a thriving work environment.

HabitRewire has launched a new white-label wellbeing platform specifically designed for the iGaming industry. The platform offers personalised, 24/7 access to resources for improving physical health, mental wellbeing, and workplace productivity through a mobile app. It uses behavioral data and automated campaigns to create tailored interactions, incorporating features like weekly challenges, daily check-ins, and expert coaching to drive sustainable habit changes among employees.

HabitRewire, founded by former iGaming director Leo Judkins, offers a specialised wellbeing platform for the iGaming industry. As part of a partnership with GBGA, members receive benefits including a free organisational assessment, 15% discount on the wellbeing platform, and biannual expert-led workshops. The company aims to enhance workplace performance, productivity, and employee wellbeing in the iGaming sector through tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Leo Judkins, founder of HabitRewire, discusses mental health challenges in the iGaming industry and his company's approach to addressing them. HabitRewire offers a wellbeing platform specifically designed for iGaming, combining one-on-one coaching, workshops, and an app. Drawing from his personal experience as a former iGaming director who struggled with mental health, Judkins aims to provide practical, sustained support rather than superficial "tick-box" solutions. The company recently partnered with Lottoland to implement its platform for 400 employees, focusing on physical health, mental wellbeing, and workplace performance.


"Today at DAZN Bet we had Leo call in and give a lunch and learn session around 'getting fit and healthy without it restricting your life'. We had around 25 employees onsite and 70 remotely.

I must say it was a very insightful session and I really enjoyed it. If you get chance, or work in HR or Wellbeing, then it's worth talking to Leo and engaging your teams."

Mike Bowers

Head of Facilities, DAZN Bet

"Everything Leo spoke about made perfect sense, imparting the very important message to make it easy for yourself.

I was pleasantly surprised by the simple ethos behind Leo's programme - make things easy for yourself and this will ensure that new habits formed are realistic and sustainable. The past week of workshops and newly gained knowledge has inspired me to take the first steps to a more sustainable way to become Fit, Healthy and Energetic!

Thank you Leo for your engaging workshops - you make a huge difference to people's lives!"

Nadine Reyes

People Partner, LiveScore

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