Executive Wellbeing & Performance
Coaching for iGaming Leaders

The nature of iGaming requires peak performance at every level to gain a competitive advantage. But most people can't sustain high-performance long term.

They sacrifice their health & wellbeing, just to achieve temporary results.

Our personalised high-performance coaching helps your people create the habits to achieve sustainable peak performance. So they have the energy, capacity and resilience to thrive under pressure. No matter what.

Private Coaching Built Around You

Expert Guidance Tailored To Your Lifestyle

Receive individualised attention from a former iGaming leader who understands your challenges.

Through weekly video calls and a fully customised plan, you'll get the support and structure to optimise habits while navigating your demanding schedule.

Everything You Need, Right At Your Fingertips

Innovative Tools For Powerful Habit Change

The HabitRewire app keeps you motivated by tracking your sleep, nutrition, movement, productivity and more.

Access tailored training plans, dedicated coaching resources and synced data to make developing new habits seamless.

World-Class Accountability

Stay On Track No Matter What

You'll have direct WhatsApp access to your coach whenever you need it.

Combined with daily check-ins, pro-active support and personal guidance, you'll have all the accountability you need to get the results you want.

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Our Approach

Designed For Results

Our coaching uses scientifically proven methods based on behaviour change psychology so you build habits that last. No matter how busy your life gets.


Gain clarity on your goals and identify growth opportunities through a comprehensive lifestyle assessment.


Receive a customised step-by-step plan that breaks down your goals into habits, skills and manageable daily actions.


Get personalised guidance and support through weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions, so you stay on track.


With daily accountability and support, you'll have the help and motivation you need to overcome any obstacle.


Through monthly review sessions, we reflect on your progress, make data-driven adjustments, and plan the next phase of your journey.

The HabitRewire Coaching Model

Improving Every Area Of Your Life

Physical Health

Build habits that fuel your body and has you moving more so you feel fit, healthy & energetic to take on any challenge.

Mental Wellbeing

Being able to fall asleep quickly, sleep well and manage stressors effectively is they key to having the mental capacity to achieve peak performance.

Professional Performance

Optimising your time, focus and productivity so you do what matters most in the most efficient way is what drives your performance.

But Don't Just Take It From Me

"I must say WOW! What a way to see things differently... how much time I have saved because of this investing in the areas that I needed more time in - food wise I feel like I am not missing out and exercise wise its got me on track to achieve what i want! I cant recommend Leo enough - Some mind blowing theories which actually work, thank you"

Zoe Trinidad

Head of Operations, BV Group

"I struggled with sleep for a significant part of my life, affecting my work and personal life. But by focusing on getting myself right, everything else fell into place. What I noticed? Everyone benefits when you become the best version of yourself. The company, your family, your kids."

Simon Yau

VP of Lottery Operations

Someone Who Understands

Meet Your Coach:
Leo Judkins

Having worked in high-pressure iGaming leadership roles for 12 years, Leo understands the challenges iGaming leaders face in prioritising their wellbeing. After hitting rock bottom with his own health, Leo hired a coach, lost 35kg, and turned his life around.

Inspired to help others do the same, he resigned from his directorship and became a certified Nutritionist (PN), Sleep Coach (PN), Stress Management Specialist (PN) & Personal Trainer (ISSA).

He specialises in helping clients build sustainable habits tailored to their busy lifestyles, drawing from his 12+ years of iGaming leadership experience.

One-to-one coaching designed for results

Pricing Options

Investing in the high-performance habits and wellbeing of your leadership team can drive significant improvements in productivity, engagement, and overall organisational success.

Individual Leader
For yourself or a single leader in your company
Weekly 1-to-1 Coaching Calls with a highly experienced performance coach with successful leadership track-record in iGaming
Unlimited private WhatsApp support and guidance in between coaching sessions.
Full access to the HabitRewire High-Performance App to track progress across sleep, stress, weight, energy, habits, nutrition, and more
Personalised habit development roadmap tailored using scientifically proven habit formation strategies for sustainable success
Daily accountability and support with regular check-ins and reminders
Flexible scheduling to accommodate demanding leadership schedules
Personal training plans (including videos) and nutrition plans (including recipes) if required
Advanced worksheets, tools, and resources curated for leaders and their teams
Get started
2-4 Leaders
(save 20%)
All the features of the Single Leader package, plus:
Fortnightly group coaching sessions to foster collaboration and peer learning
Complimentary bi-monthly workshops for the entire company (valued at £1,950/year)
Get started
5+ Leaders
(Save 30%)
All the features of the 2-4 Leaders package, plus:
Complimentary company-wide access to our HabitRewire Challenge App (valued at £2,500/month for 100 seats)
Quarterly strategy sessions with the leadership team to ensure alignment and drive results
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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our coaching services.

Is this a business expense?

Yes. Most people get executive coaching funded through their employer. Similar to a training, course or seminar. If you need help securing funding, please email leo@habitrewire.com. We have business case templates you can use for sign off.

What makes your coaching programme different from others?

Our programme is truly holistic, focusing on all pillars of sustainable peak performance - physical health, mental wellbeing, and professional habits. It's also highly customised to you as a busy leader, and designed to fit into your lifestyle with just 20 minutes per day.

What results can I expect from your coaching programme?

While results vary, our clients typically report significant improvements in energy levels, sleep quality, resilience under stress, productivity, focus, and overall life balance within just 2-3 months. Lasting habit change is the key.

How long is the program?

The duration of the coaching program varies depending on the individual's goals and needs. Our coaches work closely with each client to create a personalized plan that fits their schedule and ensures long-term success.

How do I know if your coaching programme is right for me?

The best way is to book a free consultation call. We'll discuss your challenges, goals, and personal circumstances to see if our coaching is a good fit for achieving the results you want.

I'm busy! How much time will it take every day/week?

The daily habit implementation takes just 15-20 minutes per day through micro-habits we'll design together. You'll also have a 30 minutes weekly coaching call.

Is coaching confidential?

Yes, coaching sessions are completely confidential. We respect your privacy and ensure that all information shared during the coaching process is kept strictly confidential.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.

Transform Your Performance with Coaching

Unlock your full potential with our holistic coaching program,e for iGaming Leaders.